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The law should not be a burden to law-abiding citizens and businesses striving to succeed in a tough economy, but should be used to advocate for and protect society's most vulnerable.

Protecting small business

Many small businesses, particularly those owned by immigrants and minorities, are without the resources to protect themselves before the fraud occurs or recover losses after the fact. The Illinois Attorney General should focus on small business fraud protection, particularly in this economic environment which heightens fraudulent activity.

Protecting Elderly Citizens

Recent headlines about abuse of elderly residents in nursing homes is just one example of the vulnerability of older residents. Because older residents are often perceived as wealthier, they are a frequent target of scam artists. The Illinois Attorney General's office must focus efforts on protecting the elderly from fraud and abuse, and when possible take legal action against those the perpetrators.

Protecting Citizens with Disabilities

Fortunately, people with disabilities are more than ever able to live full and productive lives—working full-time jobs and securing credit for car payments, credit cards and renting or owning residences. Unfortunately, this leaves them very vulnerable to perpetrators of fraud. The Attorney General must protect the rights of disabled citizens as well as work to protect them from fraud and abuse.

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